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Helping the Hive

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I started playing guitar in 3rd grade. My dad had an extra one behind the couch that I accidentally split when I dropped a book on it. Red duct tape worked perfect.

Fast forward to 6th grade. We move and now I am the tallest girl in the school, really skinny and braces.

First week not so good. Second week they had a variety show and I volunteered to play guitar and sing. I was too young to be nervous and after the show I had a bunch of new friends who also played music.

A few times in high school I was asked to play and sing. I believe this helped me as an adult to speak to large groups plus do numerous TV and radio spots.

We all have talent of some sort but music takes it to a deeper level in your soul. I wanted make it possible to spark that confidence and happiness in someone who was looking for it.

Play on-


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