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Grandma's Tea Cups

"This tea cup must cost a lot by now. It's so old and we used to fight over who would get to use it. Everyone must want one!"

There is something simple called Law of Supply and Demand.

There are many factors to consider when liquidating an estate or simply downsizing.

1. Our current economy while seeming good has softened due to the excess amount of boomer items flooding the market. This is expected to last about 30 years.

2. Boomer children already have houses full of their own stuff and cannot fit the old generations of things. (note garages are full and storage units are everywhere)

3. Today's youth are no longer decorating homes with traditional items or formal living areas. They prefer sleek, sparse and lighter colors.

4. Collections of mass-produced items are sometimes hard to even donate. Sadly some of these "collectables" have little value in today's market. Have you tried to give away boxes of VHS movies lately?

5. Trying to store items that in reality the family no longer wants or needs is a waste of finances and a burden on loved ones.

So back to Grandma's Tea Cups. A lot has changed in the market so let an estate sale professional (ASEL) advise you how to best solve these issues!

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1 Comment

Karolyn Killian
Karolyn Killian
Dec 21, 2023

Susan was delightful to work with and I highly recommend her for the exceptional work that she provided for the Estate Sale of my in-law's home. She was efficient, effective and highly competent and that helped us have a favorable outcome. Every aspect from organization to customer interaction reflected her passion for her job. Her services are worth every penny!

Karolyn Killian

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